Join the campaign to make Cannabis legal in Ireland again.



Support the campaign to allow patients access to medicinal cannabis for the treatment of cancer, multiple sclerosis, dravet's syndrome, and glaucoma


Cannabis has proven therapeutic value in the treatment of serious illnesses. Contact your public representatives and persuade them to support our initiative.


Prohibition has placed unnecessary restrictions on scientific research into the cannabis, thus limiting opportunities for research and development into the therapeutic use of the plant.


Help remove the restrictions placed on the Scientific community. Contact your public representatives and ask them to support our initiative.


With a regulated market for Cannabis, we estimate that 55,000 new jobs could be created by 2025. Legal cannabis sales could contribute €250 million to the Irish exchequer per annum.


Support enterprising small and medium sized businesses in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and retail sectors develop the hemp industry for the benefit of the Irish economy.




Prohibition of cannabis under the Misuse of Drugs Acts 1977-2016, has created an unregulated illicit market which has been outsourced to criminal gangs who profit accordingly. We want to end this failed policy of prohibition, which has done an enormous amount of harm not just to society but to cannabis researchers in the medical and scientific communities.

We are asking the Government to end prohibition and introduce a regulatory system which will bring the existing trade in cannabis within the law, so that regulated controls can be applied. Such controls are impossible to impose under the current system of prohibition. Legal regulation, unlike the failed policy of prohibition, will enable our government to properly control the cultivation, distribution and sale of cannabis for medicinal, scientific and commercial use.

Why legalise for medicinal,scientific and commercial use?
Our politicians don’t seem to appreciate that cannabis has proven medicinal value in the treatment of Cancer, Epilepsy, Dravet’s Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease and Glaucoma.

The evidence that cannabis works, is supported by some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of oncology, neuroscience, psychiatry and endocrinology, who can testify that legal regulation of cannabis for medicinal and scientific use will remove unnecessary restrictions and assist in the treatment of serious illness.

Many people suffering from serious illness are prohibited by law from availing of medicinal cannabinoids, consequently they are forced to purchase cannabis from the illicit market or grow their own supplies in breach of the Misuse of Drugs Acts 1977-2015.

We want to bring this practice to end, by enabling patients to acquire medication through regulated dispensaries or pharmacies. Furthermore, we are asking that patients and caregivers be given the right to cultivate plants under licence for their own personal use which already happens in advanced countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Portugal.

Economic Benefits of Legal Regulation
We estimate that the real value of cannabis market in Ireland is in the region of €700 miillion to €1 Billion per annum. A regulated market in cannabis would generate 55,000 new jobs for the Irish economy by 2025, creating opportunities for small and medium size firms in the associated biopharmaceutical, agricultural, retail and wholesale sectors. Furthermore, a regulated cannabis market, could contribute approximately €250 million in additional taxes to the national exchequer; money which could be invested in our ailing health service.

What you can do?
We are asking you to support the campaign to legally regulate cannabis for medicinal and scientific use by contacting your public representatives and asking them to support the introduction of a Regulation of Cannabis Bill in 2017

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Grow Your Own Grass Roots Campaign Team

We know from experience that the best campaigns are led by active participants from the ground up. If you believe in ending cannabis prohibition and persuading the government to take a more sensible approach towards the cannabis plant, why not grow your own Fweedom Co-Op with our help? We sincerely believe in the power of active citizenship, where small groups come together to affect change in our society. Our mission is persuasion, and your voices will make the difference for patients with serious illness who deserve access to medical cannabis.

What you can do?

Establishing a Fweedom Co-op in your college or university is really simple. First of all, identify those friends and colleagues who understand why it’s so important to change the law relating to cannabis for medicinal and scientific use. Once you have found five members you can register your co-op with us. Each co-op will have its own name and identity, and we will provide you with the resources to grow your network both on the ground and online.

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To grow the Fweedom campaign we need your help. Any donation no matter how small makes a big difference. This will enable us to print and distribute more leaflets and posters and spread the word that legalisation of cannabis for medicinal and scientific use will benefit the whole of our society.

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