Our Mission Is Persuasion

We are committed to advancing the interests of the Hemp industries both in Ireland and abroad. We believe passionately in legal regulation of hemp for medicinal, scientific use which is a lawful objective within the meaning of international legal conventions, European and domestic law. Our dedicated in-house public advocacy team is charged with promoting public awareness of hemp as well as providing professional advisory services to our client base.


Public Advocacy

We provide an interdisciplinary approach that serves our client’s needs; combining the practical skills of public advocacy and activism. Our team is made up of lawyers, political consultants and communications experts experienced in navigating the legislative and regulatory process. We train and build grass root networks to deliver our client’s message to the people who matter most, the general public. We provide bespoke campaign services that includes: brand-management, market research, polling, town-hall planning, canvassing, and constituency advice. We believe that in promoting the economic benefits of a regulated hemp industry, we can win public support for the legal regulation of cannabis for medicinal, scientific and commercial use.

Private Advocacy

Put simply, our mission is persuasion. We provide seasoned advice and counsel for engaging governments and policy makers on behalf of the hemp industry. In Ireland, we are working towards persuading public representatives to introduce and support the passing of a Regulation of Cannabis (Medicinal & Scientific Use) Bill. Our focus is to create a legally sustainable and regulated market for hemp based products that creates jobs and generates revenue for our client base. We work on behalf of large and medium sized companies established in the medical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural sectors. Additionally we support the growth and regulation of indigenous cottage hemp producers so that they can participate and thrive in a regulated market.


Regulatory Compliance

Our team of experts are experienced in navigating the regulatory hurdles and legal road blocks that are placed in the way of legitimate hemp producers and biopharmaceutical companies under domestic and international law. We liaise with regulatory bodies both in North America and the European Union to ensure that our clients are fully compliant with the law. We advise individuals and companies on primary and secondary legislation governing the production, transportation, processing, manufacture and sale of hemp plants, processed materials and finished products.

Brand Management

We have over twenty years experience designing brands and bringing them to market. A brand represents who your company is and what it stands for. This includes your name, logo, messaging, merchandise, design, and any other feature that identifies your company and its products and service and makes it distinct from others. At Fweed, our brand management team provide a bespoke service that enables you to envisage your product from concept stage right to the point where it reaches the market. Contact us today to arrange a consultation. We’ll match your expectations with our management experience enabling you to grow your business and achieve your sales targets.